The Antifreeze Incident…

Often the line between covert and overt racism is thin … this man’s comment was unacceptable and inexplicable.

Indigenous Woman

In 2009 we headed down to southern part of my province: my parents, my son and I. We went to attend a family function. The nearest place for shopping was a large town. My dad went to Canadian Tire, of course, to do his shopping. My mom, my son and I headed to the dollar store. When we got back to the truck I could tell something was up with my dad. He told me while he was in Canadian Tire he was pushing a cart and had put two jugs of antifreeze in there as there was a good sale on them. My dad has always taken good care of his vehicles so when he saw a good sale he’d stock up on necessary items. An older man, non-Indigenous, came walking by him, looked in his cart, then looked at my dad and asked “Are you guys still drinking…

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